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A new way to browse Flickr

Felix Turner of Airtight Interactive has been playing with the Flickr API and has come up with a cool new way to browse flickr.

Great work and great use of the API… It really inspires me to actually get around to making something :)

  1. Just to add to this – one of the things I find most impressive about this is that it seems to “think ahead” and get related tags for each of the related tags so you can race off through the tag space if you so desire…

    Again – great work Felix :)
    Kelvin    Mar 30, 07:29    #
  2. Wow, that is really phenomenal, this is exactly what i have been looking for, a way to aggregate my flickr photos into a flash portal. Is it possible to load all the images in a users account? AKA mimic the usability of the slideshow on the flickr user page?
    neuman    Jun 3, 10:23    #
  3. I don’t think Felix’s app lets you load a users photos but if you know Flash you could use my Flickr wrapper for Flash to make something to do what you want…

    That was actually my plan when I started work on the wrapper classes then I didn’t have time to actually make the app!
    Kelvin    Jun 3, 23:06    #