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kelvinluck.com: Cool IKEA flash
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Cool IKEA flash

Got sent a link to this cool IKEA bit of flash today… OK, there is nothing technologically amazing about it but it is definitely pretty cool – especially the way the music changes between scenes…

Big download and managed to freak my browser out after spinning around a bit but definitely worth checking out

  1. hey, I was thinking that this new ikea flash minisite is pretty damn cool.You are saying that there is nothing technologically amazing, but i really have no idea how they did that.Could you maybe tell me the basic concept of how there things are done.I am a student at the University of Art and design of Helsinki and would really like to make one…any clues about where i can get some info about this process.Thank You so very much for all of your time!
    — Viara Gent    Sep 26, 09:57    #
  2. Hi,

    When I said nothing technologically amazing I meant from a Flash programming point of view, not it terms of the concept or photography etc which is all pretty damn cool. The photography is done with a rig of cameras like this guy’s then in flash all you have to do is switch between the photos…

    Back when Flash 6 first came out Expn experimented with doing similar stuff but with video which was also pretty cool…

    And another cool site that I saw the other day using the same idea of using flash to display cool pre-rendered stuff is this sony style lounge...

    Hope that helps :)
    Kelvin    Sep 27, 10:05    #
  3. Hi Kelvin,

    was not that simple, but with the rig u came quite near. It was a MILO motion control rig, unlike to the multiple camera rig used in the Matrix, etc.

    Then there was also a great 3-D work in the post production. Full story by the creators themselves:

    Anyway, stunning and always cool to watch over again.

    — Mark    Nov 19, 15:27    #
  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the info – really interesting… The link you left didn’t work but gave me enough info to find this one which tells you how they made it.

    It is an amazing piece of work, just looked at it again and enjoyed it just as much. I understand what they say in the article about blurring the boundries between web design and film post production – great stuff :)
    Kelvin    Nov 19, 19:50    #