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kelvinluck.com: Flash CS3 trial breaks Juniper Network Connect
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Flash CS3 trial breaks Juniper Network Connect

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here because I have been crazily busy working on a massive flex site with a great team over at Tribal DDB London. Hopefully it will go live at the start of next year so I can talk more about it. In the meantime, here is a quick tip for anyone having trouble connecting to a VPN powered by Juniper software’s Network Connect after installing the trial version of Flash CS3.

After installing a trial of Flash CS3 I noticed that I became unable to connect to the VPN. Network Connect would connect briefly and then pop up an alert saying “The Network Connect session terminated. Do you want to reconnect? (nc.windows.app.23711).”

After a bit of googling I found out that there were complaints about the early betas of CS3 and the Bonjour service that they installed affecting networking. And this is what was causing my problem. If you press Ctrl-Alt-Del and look at your processes then you will find a “mDNSResponder.exe” service running after installing Flash CS3. Ending this process allows you to connect through Network Connect.

You will have to do this every time you have restarted your computer as the process is automatically started with the system. Alternatively you can stop the service which starts the mDNSResponder process.

Go to Start Menu > Run and type in “services.msc” to open the services configuration panel. Look for a service with a name something like ”##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##” (I think the bit after the dot will change on each computer). To confirm it’s the correct service double click on it and look at the “Path to executable” – it should be “C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe”. If it is then change the “Startup type” to “disabled” and press the “Stop” button. You should now be able to connect to your VPN.

As far as I can tell, neither of these solutions have had a detrimental effect on my trial install of Flash so I think that they are safe changes to make but no guarantees! Hopefully the information will save someone the time it took me to find the answer.

  1. FYI

    For me the application in the services panel wasn’t ”##Id_String.. etc” but “Bonjour Service”.

    Jilles Oldenbeuving    Nov 29, 17:30    #
  2. Thanks for the information! I installed Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and ran into the same issue. I followed your instructions. Thanks!

    — Rob Hatfield    Dec 8, 17:51    #
  3. Hello, thank you very very much for this great help I searched long time for solution. I got same failure with Photoshop CS3. After disabling Bonjour , everything was ok. Thank you.

    — Aydemir Zihli    Dec 10, 16:46    #
  4. I also want to thank you. This issue was driving me crazy and it even had Juniper support stumpped. I had the same process running but mine came from software called Gizmo Project.

    — Blake Reed    Dec 12, 04:56    #
  5. You’re a life saver! Thanks.

    — Patrick Baker    Jan 6, 19:07    #
  6. Appreciate your input !
    Ending the process “mDNSResponder.exe” was the solution for me. Thanks

    — jan d    Jan 18, 08:00    #
  7. Thanks for sharing. I’ve almost had to rebuild my new laptop because of this issue. In my past experience, the new KODAK EasyShare does the same thing to NC. The only solution I’ve found was to completely rebuild the PC and not to install EasyShare at all…

    — Jojo    Jan 28, 17:13    #
  8. Wow – nice call! Thanks for the help.

    — Abraham    Feb 1, 13:48    #
  9. this is exactly the information that i needed, thanks!

    — tomas    Feb 7, 16:51    #
  10. Worked for me, thank you. mDNSResponder may also be used by iTunes.

    — Mikie    Feb 11, 19:46    #
  11. Itunes problem here too. Thanks !

    — wim    Feb 13, 09:01    #
  12. Thank you so much for posting this! This was exactly my problem. Stupid Flash.

    — Mabel    Feb 15, 18:17    #
  13. Thanks a lot, your post saved me.

    — Elango Muthu    Feb 19, 19:41    #
  14. You saved me.

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  15. amazing! genius! it worked!

    — sa    Feb 25, 23:34    #
  16. you saved me too, thanks a lot !!!

    — Gilles    Feb 26, 17:35    #
  17. you save my day, tks.
    I met the same problem.

    — alex    Feb 27, 08:33    #
  18. Thanks man. You are a life saver. Great work. This issue had me baffled for a few months.

    — umar rana    Feb 28, 22:44    #
  19. Thanx it worked like a charm.

    — Mathijs    Feb 29, 16:11    #
  20. Thanks Also!!! I’m not using CS3, but Vegas 8 Pro. Killed the same process and Juniper now works.

    — James Lee    Mar 4, 02:33    #
  21. you’re the man

    — gabe    Mar 10, 13:29    #
  22. GREAT JOB !!!

    — JAC    Mar 11, 17:37    #
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    — christian    Mar 13, 02:24    #
  24. Thanks for the great tip! I just purchased The Web Premium Creative Suite 3, and have run into the same problem, but probably would have never suspected that as the cause of my VPN troubles if I wouldn’t have found your blog!

    — Amy    Mar 15, 21:16    #
  25. Thank You for posting this – This was driving me crazy!

    — scott    Mar 16, 16:42    #
  26. I have struggled with this problem for over a month and I got stuck with Outlook Web Access. Our Tech Support was unable to help me. THANK YOU!

    — Alani    Mar 19, 03:12    #
  27. It was a great help..Working now perfectly..Hope there will be no problems in future..Thanks!!

    — tolga    Mar 25, 00:21    #
  28. Great job,

    you saved me and our company a lot of time !


    — Roman    Apr 7, 13:32    #
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    You save my live ….

    — bambang    Apr 9, 16:32    #
  30. Thank You (((Hugs)))

    — Lori    Apr 12, 03:21    #
  31. Thank you for saving me from formatting again my laptop

    — S.ROZEN    Apr 15, 10:59    #
  32. Is the “mDNSResponder.exe” service named different for Vista?

    — Different for Vista?    Apr 17, 14:35    #
  33. It is commonly installed with the following software:

    •Apple applications including iTunes, iPhoto, and iChat
    •All Adobe CS3 software
    •Trillian Pro
    •Flash Player 9
    •Gizmo Project
    Removing Bonjour for Windows

    1. Open a Windows command prompt and type the following command: “C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe -remove” 2. Navigate to the following folder in Windows Explorer: C:\Program Files\Bonjour 3. Rename the mdnsNSP.dll file in that folder to mdnsNSP.old 4. Restart your computer 5. Delete the Program Files\Bonjour folder

    with the Adobe Master suite if you do a custom install you can elect to not install the Bonjour service.
    with iTunes 7.5 and up the service will appear as Bonjour and can be removed from the control panel>add/remove programs
    I run into this issue all the time on various builds XP/Vista (this does not effect MACs)
    This will also effect Juniper Windows Secure Application Manager

    — mlo9676    Apr 21, 21:00    #
  34. Thank you in tons…You have saved my time and efforts…without VPN … lemme not event think of…Thank u once again.

    — sai srikanth    May 5, 00:24    #
  35. If Bonjour isn’t on there and none of those apps are on there then what? Does anyone have a good solution? Running Vista Ultimate with almost no apps installed.


    — Josh    May 5, 04:50    #
  36. Thnx, This was exact the problem a user had at home and she mentioned bonjour was standing in her firewall. If not I never would have come on this site and solution!. thnx again.

    — shaka    May 9, 11:51    #
  37. I had terrible time with this error message. While googling this on the web, this page was the first hit. Thanks for this information. For me it was Bonjour service. This was satrted:automatic. I first stopped and then disabled it.

    — VG    May 9, 20:15    #
  38. Thank you so much for your help. That was exactly what i was looking for!

    — André    May 10, 10:05    #
  39. Thanks, this has been a great help solving this confusing issue., I always thought it was Juniper problem.

    — Olivier    May 14, 05:05    #
  40. Worked like a champ! Saved me a trip to the office.

    — Jim W.    May 31, 13:58    #
  41. Worked like a charm.

    — Gary    Jun 14, 12:33    #
  42. Brilliant! Thank you

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  43. so simple and effective – anyone with his problem should follow the instructions!

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  44. You’re a lifesaver! Thanks very much!

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  45. thanks a lot…this worked time! ;-)

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  46. Your the man. Thanks for this info.

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  47. http://www.adobe.com/go/kb400982
    Adobe says this can be disabled – it’s only used for Macs and contribute authentication – also shows you how to delete the service.

    — NeSmith    Jul 18, 22:24    #
  48. Your post also resolved my issue. Thank you.

    — Brian    Jul 24, 05:07    #
  49. Thank you very much.
    Knew about Bonjour but couldnt work out why this was failing on a different machine with no itunes. Now i do! CS3 trial!!

    Thanks again.

    — Pii    Jul 28, 17:10    #
  50. I found that once Bonjour is disabled the iTunes assistant tells you that it enables file sharing, connecting to AppleTV, etc. Fortunately I don’t need those services but just FYI for others.

    — Kevin    Aug 2, 02:15    #
  51. Thanks for all of your help! This was such a simple fix to a confusing issue!

    — Aaron    Aug 9, 20:55    #
  52. This is a very nice catch. thanks for your help.

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  53. Thanks for this tip. It saved me re-install of wondows.

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  55. Perfect tip .. helped me to get vpn running /Kenneth

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