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kelvinluck.com: Flashr 0.3 released
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Flashr 0.3 released


For the latest up to date information about Flashr please check out the new Flashr microsite

I have just uploaded a new version of Flashr to the site. Quite a few changes in this version – here are the details: – Added flickr.photosets.* methods
– Added flickr.groups.pools.* methods
– Cleaned up the code a little so that it compiles with MTASC

And other fixes / improvements which these changes involved (see the full changelog).

I’ve updated the Flashr demo to include support for the new methods. I also added a standalone downloadable version of the demo which uses my SOS wrapper for output. This has a number of advantages. Firstly it is quick (which matters when you are returning lists of hundreds of photos). Secondly you can copy and paste from it (so if you get a list of a user’s photos you can then copy a photo id and use it to call another method in the demo). The zip contains a config.xml file that you can edit to control where it looks for the SOS server.

As well as all of that I also released some example sourcecode which shows how to use Flashr.

And I’ve been working on a little app of my own that uses Flashr – got to get it polished up and then I’ll release it here :)

  1. nice work !
    i’m glad you ‘ve been added theese two new features especially the photosets one !
    — bigop    Sep 19, 10:34    #
  2. Hi,

    Glad you like the new features :)

    As always, any feedback on issues you run into is much appreciated,

    Kelvin    Sep 19, 21:06    #
  3. hello, I can’t make work the function getNotInSEt() ...
    after reading a lot of your doc ,i didnt find a way to do it …
    could you post me just a line of code ?
    i’m currently trying to test your flashr here
    i enjoyed the photosets function !

    — bigop    Sep 22, 13:49    #
  4. Hi,

    Have you authenticated with flickr.com? The photosGetNotInSet method requires authentication because it returns a list of photos for the calling user…

    The process of authentication isn’t too clear – I’m planning to put together an example at some point soon but check the auth* methods documentation for now,

    Hope this helps,

    Kelvin :)
    Kelvin    Sep 22, 14:21    #
  5. do you mean we cannot do the photoset.getNotinSet automatically ?
    except by a shared object ?
    bigop    Sep 23, 18:27    #
  6. Not sure what you mean about a shared object… I mean that you have to authenticate against flickr.com using the auth methods because flickr.photos.getNotInSet requires authentication. You can see this with the Flickr Api Explorer – if you do not tick the “Sign call as…” box then you do not get a valid result…

    The Flashr mailing list just launched today – I would suggest signing up there to ask more questions on this…
    Kelvin    Sep 24, 13:37    #