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kelvinluck.com: Flashr 0.4 released
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Flashr 0.4 released


For the latest up to date information about Flashr please check out the new Flashr microsite

I have just released version 0.4 of Flashr. This is just a bunch of changes which have been sitting in the subversion repositry for a while along with newly generated docs.

The changes since the last release can be seen in detail on the trac site or you can look at the changelog.txt for a more concise rundown.

Any comments on the changes or on Flashr in general please direct to the mailing list.

  1. Hi Kelvin,

    I downloaded the Flashr 0.4 files but I get a bunch of debug errors when I add your classes and follow the 5 line test example in your docs on the usage section for the Flickr class.

    The compiler can’t fnd the LuminicBox classes (they don’t appear to be packaged in the download?) and I get lots of “There is no class or package with the name ‘com.kelvinluck.util.LogWrapper’ found in package ‘com.kelvinluck.util”, although a quick glance at the folder shows me that the class is there.

    Any thoughts? I’m sure I’m just missing something blindingly obvious.
    Gil Fewster    Jan 8, 20:24    #
  2. Hi Gil,

    You will need to download the LuminicBox classes as mentioned in the Requirements section of the Flashr project page.

    Once you have those you might want to try my flashr code example.

    If you are still having problems please join the mailing list where we should be able to help you…


    Kelvin :)
    Kelvin    Jan 9, 00:28    #