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Flashr gets more interesting


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As just announced on the flickr mailing list, the guys at flickr have just released a new API method – flickr.interestingness.getList.

This cool new method lets you get a list of the most interesting photos for any given date… So I went straight ahead and added the method into the subversion repo for Flashr. You can see the exact changes here.

I’m not going to package up another release so soon after 0.4 but if you are interested in using this new method then grab the source from subversion and enjoy :) I certainly like the new method – I just stuck together a little example using it :)

  1. i am just about to release some of my best images taken professionaly over the last 30 years,
    what do you think the best way would to be to present them?
    — flashphoto    Jan 6, 21:44    #
  2. I’m afraid I’m not the person to ask! Uploading them to flickr could be a good start – it will allow you to share them with millions of people …
    Kelvin    Jan 9, 00:30    #