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kelvinluck.com: Flashr released on OSFlash
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Flashr released on OSFlash


For the latest up to date information about Flashr please check out the new Flashr microsite

Flashr has just been released on the OSFlash site. Not only does this make it more visible to more people but it also means there is a shiny new svn repository and a mailing list…

The mailing list is now the preferred place to ask questions about using Flashr and to suggest ways to improve it. Sign up now! You can also check the archives although there isn’t much there at the moment!

There is also a Subversion repository which is where you will find the latest version of Flashr. I’ll still provide the zip files for release versions but may just fix a few bugs on the subversion version in between releases.

Another benefit of the subversion is that there will be detailed changelogs available if you browse it via the Trac system.