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Over the last few weeks lots of people have suddenly released cool new experiments using Flashr to connect to flickr.com. It’s great to see people making cool stuff and finding a use for Flashr – now I need to get round to finishing and releasing some of my own experiments with it! Anyway – here’s some little descriptions of the new stuff…

Flickeur by Mario Klingemann.
Really cool program which “retrieves random images from Flickr.com and creates a stream-of-consciousness type of video clip”. Mario has created incredible transitions between different images using Flash 8’s BitmapData Object and (I imagine) lots of really clever maths and who knows what else! The end result is a film which looks professionally put together even though it is in fact randomly generated by your computer!

Flappr by Buck DeFore
In the words of it’s maker, “Flapper is a Flash 8 interface for Flickr. Its goal is to provide a more explorative way of browsing the best repository of publicly shared photographs on the Internet”.
Basically it lets you search for photos, browse and view them. It builds a history of user’s whose photos you have looked at and you can easily navigate to any of their tags or groups. You can also see and link straight through to related tags for any tag you are looking at.
Another feature which I have just discovered is that it keeps a history of the photos you have looked at (try rolling off the right hand side of a photo when looking at it – it should shrink down and show you all the previous photos and let you click through to them) – cool :) Buck is still developing it so stand by for more cool features!

Findr by Doug Marttila
Findr again allows you to browse through photos on flickr.com by typing in a start tag. The clever twist here is that you can then “drill down” in your search by choosing another tag from the current tag’s related tags. And you see photos which match all the tags you have selected so far. Try it – it makes a lot more sense when you do it than my explanation does!

Flickr Wing by Iiley Chen
A demo of the ASWing open source component framework for Flash and an interface to Flickr. Allows you to search for photos on Flickr and browse through the search results.

So – some really cool stuff as you can see! Great work everyone :) If you have made anything with Flashr then please let me know – either through the mailing list or by leaving a comment below…