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kelvinluck.com: New flickr API demo
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New flickr API demo


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This is a small test file which allows you to call different methods of the flickr API through my flash wrapper class and see the objects that are returned.

You can view the debug information returned from each call in the panel below which is a Luminic Box Flash Inspector. Select the method you want to call from the drop down and then fill in any arguments that are required. Then click the submit button to connect to flickr.com and get the results. Use my documentation to make more sense of the required arguments and returned values.

Warning – I’ve noticed that the Flash Inspector doesn’t work if more than one instance is open at once – make sure you only have one instance of it running while doing this test… If you just see a blank space below check there is no other Flash Inspector running (in another browser or as a panel in the IDE for example) then refresh.

Note – In order to directly connect to flickr.com from a flash file on your domain as I do you will have to speak to the nice people at flickr.com about getting your domain added to their crossdomain.xml file (due to flash’s inbuilt security restrictions).

Sorry, you require Flash 7 to view this movie.
Sorry, you require Flash 7 to view this movie.

A couple more notes…

As always, comments and feedback appreciated below or via email…