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kelvinluck.com: jScrollPane - custom cross-browser scrollbars
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jScrollPane - custom cross-browser scrollbars

jScrollPane is a jQuery plugin which provides you with custom scrollbars which work consistently across all modern browsers. You can style the scrollbars using simple CSS and they degrade gracefully where JavaScript is disabled.

Full details on the plugin are available on the jScrollPane homepage which also links to lots of examples of the plugin in action.

jScrollPane also has a page on the jQuery plugins site – this is where bugs should be reported.

jScrollPane is currently at version 1.1.2

  1. Hi,
    we tested your plugin jscroll example downloading evrything expcept mint/?js, the plugin works in firefox and explorer, but in safari doesn’t work. When we link mint/?js, all works well. But we quickly read the code of mint/?js and I suppose it’s a development code. Can you help me.


    Federico Bernardin    Dec 12, 14:45    #
  2. Hi,

    The mint script is just the stats tracking package I use on my site. It shouldn’t effect how the scroll pane scripts work… Do you have a URL to your page which isn’t working in Safari and maybe I can help you debug?


    Kelvin :)

    Kelvin Luck    Dec 12, 20:27    #
  3. Hi, this is a very nice script but I need some functions to use it in real app.
    1. Horizontal scrolling
    2. Resizing function(because of the window that can be resized)

    Do you plan to extend your plugin ?

    — Oleg    Dec 30, 04:39    #
  4. Hi, great script but I need Panetrack on the left side, can You help me :)


    — Pawel    Jan 6, 14:19    #
  5. Hi Pawel,

    You can move the panetrack to the left hand side using some CSS.

    Another user posted this example on a bug report – maybe it helps you?



    Kelvin :)

    Kelvin Luck    Jan 11, 09:53    #
  6. Hi, is it possible to use it for a horizontal-scroll?

    Best regards

    — Andreas    Feb 6, 11:58    #
  7. Hi,
    I would like to refresh the scrollpanes when the text is resized. Seems that firefox (mac/win) has trouble with this. Or am i missing something?



    — Nick W    Mar 6, 14:15    #
  8. Hi Nick,

    Did you see this example?



    Kelvin :)

    Kelvin Luck    Mar 6, 15:41    #
  9. Hi Kelvin,
    Yes i have seen that. This does the text but i can’t make the box expand using ems. I was wondering if there could be a call the scrollpane initialising script in the header of the html each time somebody resizes the text.

    – Nick
    — Nick W    Mar 9, 11:50    #
  10. Hey Kelvin,

    Nice plug-in. Im using scrollpane for thumbnails in an image gallery. On clicking a thumbnail the page is refreshed and the image is displayed in a view pane. If the thumbnail clicked is outside the intial window pane( ie had to scroll to get to it) then the scrollbar looses position after refresh. Any ideas

    — doug    Mar 11, 06:11    #
  11. Is there a way to make the scroll pane elastic?. The box resizes properly if the window is reloaded but stays the same otherwise even when using ems.

    — Nick W    Mar 17, 20:21    #
  12. Hi Nick,

    Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been really busy. Unfortunately I don’t think the scrollpane will work elastically as it currently is. There is a support ticket with a similar request here too:


    I’ll try and look into it when I get a spare minute. In the meantime you could try listening to the window resize event and reinitialising the scrollpane then (like in my full body scroll example)

    Hope that helps,

    Kelvin :)

    Kelvin Luck    Mar 18, 00:43    #
  13. Hi Doug,

    I can’t really comment without seeing your page but it would probably be better not to refresh the whole page when a thumbnail is clicked but instead to use JS to update the rest of the page.

    Otherwise you could use the scrollTo method on document ready to scroll to the relevant link (like in this example),

    Hope that helps,

    Kelvin :)

    Kelvin Luck    Mar 18, 00:47    #
  14. I was wondering if you had a scroll bar that would work on the horizontal axis instead?


    Mike Read    Mar 20, 20:58    #
  15. Hi Mike,

    I’m afraid jScrollPane currently only creates vertical scrollbars. If I ever find some spare time I will extend it to work horizontally but I don’t think that will happen too soon…


    Kelvin :)

    Kelvin Luck    Mar 20, 22:25    #
  16. Is this a free downloadable open source plugin to use or licenced?

    Amarnath :)

    — amarnath    Mar 24, 10:21    #
  17. Yes – the plugin is licensed under the same MIT and GPL licenses as jQuery itself,


    Kelvin :)

    Kelvin Luck    Mar 27, 16:47    #
  18. Hi Kelvin! First of all, really nice script!
    Did you have any complains about it used on a modal thickbox window? Because i could make it work on a single page but once i try it on thickbox it doesn’t shows any of the div’s contents and a JS “invalid argument” error is shown on the opener window.

    I would appreciate any help on this. No rush at all!

    Also, great pics!

    Greets from Argentina, Diego.

    — Diego    May 20, 04:54    #
  19. Hi Kelvin,

    Is there any customization that can make Arrow Keys (up and dowm) from keyboard can control the JScrollPane?

    — Wilson    Jun 3, 02:51    #
  20. Hi guys,

    @Diego – I think it should work in a thickbox window as long as you initialise the scrollpane after opening the window… Do you have a test URL I could look at to maybe see what’s going wrong?

    @wilson – Sorry, there is currently no keyboard control for the scroll pane. You could set up your own keyboard listeners which would use the scrollBy functionality of the plugin to control the jScrollPane,

    Hope that helps,

    Kelvin :)

    Kelvin Luck    Jun 3, 10:22    #
  21. hi.. i’m using your plugin and it works greatly on my image gallery. tks!!!

    Julio    Jun 26, 15:06    #
  22. Any idea why the script rarely although sometimes works on www.lionsbreath.ca/teachertraining/ but seems to always work on www.lionsbreath.ca/classdescriptions/ If you have an answer I would be happy to compensate you. Thanks.

    John Allan    Jul 11, 20:05    #
  23. Hi Kelvin,

    How can I determine the Scroll Bar produced or not?

    — Wilson    Jul 23, 07:43    #
  24. hello.

    i’m trying to use the scrollbar for a horizontally scrolling div, rather than a vertical one. is this possible?

    thanks a lot.

    Tudor    Aug 10, 16:02    #
  25. Hey Kevin. This is a great plugin. I am running into one problem with it. If I update my jquery file to anything more recent then 1.2.3 the plugin locks up in Safari and crashes every time. Is this something that you are currently aware of? If so is there a fix for it. Thanks!

    — Chad Davis    Aug 10, 22:00    #
  26. Awesome script Kelvin! Thanks for sharing.

    To all the people asking for a horizontal version, someone made a mod: http://plugins.jquery.com/project/jscrollhorizontalpane

    — Mark S    Aug 19, 18:43    #
  27. Hi Kelvin,

    great plugin. Just having trouble if I open the scrollpane 2 time via ajax request. The second time the height of class jScrollPaneContainer is always 0px hence no content is shown. Which function do I have to use to reload the scrollpane correctly on the close button of my dialog window? thx Florian

    — Florian    Aug 20, 16:43    #
  28. Hi Kelvin,

    We found a Problem when using jScrollPane on a div thats not displayed.

    < div style="display:none">
    < div class="scroll-pane">
    some stuff
    < /div>
    < /div>

    then an error occured in ie6 and ie8 (we did not test ie7). The developer toolbar in ie8 told us about an Illegal Argument (I hope thats the right translation) in line 115: ”$this.css(cssToApply);”.
    This comes because of an error in jquery.pack.js in line 1, character 13287: “d[f]=c;return d[f]”
    Illegal Argument

    In FF everythink works.

    We’re using jquery 1.2.6 and jScrollPane.js 4765 2008-02-17 21:14:59Z

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    — Tobi    Oct 29, 11:32    #
  29. Hi! I have sort of a weird problem. Somehow the scroll works perfectly on firefox, but it just dissappears on ie. Any idea why that might happen? Thnx btw, it’s come in handy =D

    — Paco    Oct 30, 17:25    #